# How to Play Multiplayer Maps

Thanks to the most recent update, it is now possible to run Bakkesmod on the Epic Launcher version of Rocket League, meaning it is now possible to play custom maps in multiplayer.

# Bakkesmod

This part of the guide is for people using Steam and Epic games.

# Multiplayer

The easiest way to host and play custom maps with others is to use the Rocket Plugin. This is a Bakkesmod plugin, which is a wonderful program that everyone should use. It opens a whole universe of possibilities for Rocket League.

  1. Everyone involved will need to download the following programs and files:
  1. Create a new network in the VPN or join an existing one.

  2. Start Rocket League and open Rocket Plugin with home. If it doesn't open, bring up Bakkesmod by pressing F2, go to Plugins, and click on Rocket Plugin.

  3. Create and join a match

For the host

The host will use the left side of Rocket Plugin:

  • Arena:
    • Workshop maps: checked
    • Dropdown list: select the workshop map
  • Change mutators and team settings (optional)
  • Advanced settings:
    • Password (optional): set a password

Click host

For the players

Players use the right side of Rocket Plugin:

  • IP adress: IPv4 adress in the VPN or given by the host
  • Port: 7777 or given by the host
  • Password (optional): given by the host
  • Joining a custom map: checked

Click join

FAQ and Troubleshooting

  • Check if you can ping each other in the VPN
  • If you get an password doesn't match error, create a new Local Match and delete the password. Rocket Plugin uses the password from your latest private match
  • Using the VPN avoids showing your real IP address
  • If you wish to play Lethamyr's maps from his website, you have to use a map swapping tool
  • If you are missing textures, please download the Workshop Textures (opens new window) (required by Rocket Plugin). Extract this and place its contents in the {CookedPCConsole} folder
  • Check the Bakkesmod Subreddit (opens new window) or the plugin's support page (or Discord server)


You can also use RLLobby (opens new window) as this is easier for people to join, but there are some extra steps required for the host

# In-game

The easiest way to play Workshop maps in single player on Steam:

  1. Subscribe to the Workshop maps (opens new window) you want to play

  2. Open Rocket League, go to Play > Custom Games > Workshop, and select the map you want to play

Missing maps

Rocket League only shows 50 workshop maps in this list, in the order you subscribed to them. If you have more than 50 subscribed workshop maps and dont see the map you want to play, you have to unsubscribe from other maps.


If the map is missing some functionality or behaves different than expected in free play (this will probably be stated in the description on Steam), it may behave better in a Local Match (using a map swapper tool).

# Map Swappers

To play Workshop maps in single player or multiplayer, you can replace an existing map with a Workshop map. Make sure you replace the correct map and the Workshop map is in the correct folder, otherwise you will likely get a content mismatch error

Some map swappers are:

To download maps for Epic, paste the URL of the workshop map into steamworkshopdownloader.io (opens new window) and download the file.

# Community Workshop Games Discord

There is an entire community based around testing, playing, and even hosting tournaments on custom maps. The Community Workshop Games (opens new window) server is run by BalancedWaffles and is a wonderful place. If you're stuck on a part of this setup process, a number of people there will gladly help out.