# Kismet Sound

Decrypting sounds

Check out the sound decryption page for more information on playing sounds outside of the game

# In-Game Sounds not finished

Rocket League uses Wwise audio tracks to play sounds in the game. To play an in-game sound in your map, you will need to use the AkAudio Dummy classes.

First, find a sound cue you want play in the Dummy assets (in the content browser). Then go into kismet and add an AkLoadBank node to load the bank of the cue. Finally you can add an AkPlaySound node with the sound cue to play the music from the cue.

For examples of implementations you can look in the workshop for the following maps:

  • Beat saber

# Custom sound

At the moment of writing, it is not possible to play custom sound cues / SFX in Rocket League via UDK. Be sure to follow the announcement channel in Discord for any updates.