# Overview

Contribution should be performed through a number of simple steps:

  1. Find an issue to fix.
  2. Fork the repository.
  3. Create a branch for your issue.
  4. Make the necessary changes to the repository.
  5. Commit and publish your changes.
  6. Create a pull request into the main repository from your fork.
  7. Address any comments.
  8. Branch will hopefully be accepted and merged.

# Guidelines

We have some minor style requirements for documentation additions:

  • Always proofread your submissions. PRs that contain spelling mistakes or incorrect grammar will be denied.
  • When naming your readme files and folders, use snake_case (opens new window) for file naming conventions.
  • If you are changing / adding content related to UDK, check your changes in UDK (only follow the content you have written and not your own knowledge). Any PR with changes in UDK should be reviewed.
  • If you are adding image resources:
    • pay attention to their file size: images above 5MB will not be accepted, and anything above 1MB should be reviewed.
    • Images should be added in /docs/.vuepress/public/images and icons in /docs/.vuepress/public/icons
  • Create an issue (opens new window) for small contributions (such as fixing typos or broken links)

# Development and local testing

The project utilises vuepress in order to create pages for our documentation, running on a Node backend.

# Dependencies

  1. Install Node v12+ (opens new window) (or later).
  • node --version should show at least v12.22.0. Lower versions have not been tested but may also work.
  • npm --version should show at least 7.0.0. Lower versions have not been tested but may also work.
  1. Clone the repository to your machine.
  2. Execute npm install from the root of the repository.

# Execution

  1. Execute npm run docs:dev.
  2. Open the URL specified within the output of the command.

# Sharing local snapshot

To share a local build of the current branch:

  1. Execute npm install from the root of the repository.
  2. Log into the rlmm / your own Cloudflare account with npx wrangler login and complete the oauth2 flow.
  3. Execute npm run docs:build
  4. Execute npx wrangler pages publish ./docs/.vuepress/dist/ --project-name=rocketleaguemapmaking --branch=<branch>. Replace <branch> with the name of the current branch.

# Components

Vuepress makes use of Vue components (opens new window). If you make multiple components for one page or the components are about the same subject, add them in a folder.

  • Components are placed inside /docs/.vuepress/components/
  • Components are registered globally in /docs/.vuepress/public/enhanceApp.js.

Make sure a custom component’s name either contains a hyphen or is in PascalCase. Otherwise it will be treated as an inline element and wrapped inside a <p> tag, which will lead to hydration mismatch because <p> does not allow block elements to be placed inside it. Read more about it in the Vue documentation (opens new window).