# Bots not finished

# Psyonix Bots

To spawn bots in a map, the Kismet node Add bot may be used. For now they only go to the location of the ball and after that they drive around in circles.

# RLBot

# Standard Fields

To run bots made by the wonderful people of RLBot on your custom map, you can replace your custom map with an existing map (for example Utopia_P) and start a match on this map in the RLBot GUI (for more information on how to run matches you can visit the RLBot wiki (opens new window)).

Custom fields

As the bots are programmed to run on standard fields, it's only possible to run those bots on custom maps with a standard geometry. If you want to be able to run the bots on custom fields, you can contact a bot programmer or make your own bot (opens new window). There are multiple tutorials and example bots to get you started.