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# New Guide; Who Dis?

First off, a sincere thanks to all of you for using this guide in its various forms over the years. I originally made it with the intent to make a series of guides, but ended up disappearing for a few years. But here we are, almost 4 years after the original release, and at last it is taking its final form thanks to the dedicated efforts of ghostrider-05 and JimJoms.

  • Mr. Swaggles

# Bio - Mr. Swaggles

Who am I? I have a few names, depending on where you find me: Mr. Swaggles in Rocket League, Dasoccerguy in DMs or other places, and Dr. Swaggles for smurfing/testing. I have used Blender since 2003, though only for hobby-level projects. I consider myself very competent with Blender, but I am by no means a professional and I still have much to learn. I have been playing Rocket League since one week after release, and I can safely say that it is my favorite game ever. Most often you’ll find me shooting some Hoops.

# Special Thanks

These guys will be referred to as friendly/wonderful/amazing modders, so please thank them if you get a chance. Send a message if we didn’t give you credit for discovering something, and we’ll add you.

whynotsteven RL Modding Founder, The OG
ButterandCream Discord/Reddit Admin, Rocket Launcher Creator
Bakkes Bakkesmod Creator
glhglh Collision Channels, AlphaConsole Plugin, Foundational Discoveries
CinderBlock Bakkesmod Genius
Lethamyr Countless Custom Maps, New Features, and Publicity
KarlHeinzSchneider Collision Channels, Foundational Discoveries
wejrox/JimJoms Web Development, Video Tutorials, One-Stop-Chop-Shop
Derzo Fixed Collisions, Guides, Custom Materials, In-Game Assets
Stanbroek Advanced Map and Kismet Techniques, Rocket Plugin
Thanrek Advanced Map and Kismet Techniques
French Fries Foundational Dribbling Challenge Maps
dmc Foundational Challenge Maps
Dreale Foundational Parkour Challenge Maps
Ardivee Boost, Mapmaking Techniques
Eliot UE Explorer Program
Martinn UPK Decryptor, Dummy Assets, Bakkesmod Work
LiveDimensions Tech Support
tj RocketLeagueMapmaking GitHub Team
Ecrase-Patate Kismet Wizard
MrPhil Dynamic Mesh Actors, New Kismet Nodes, Support, Website Content
Newk New Kismet Nodes
GroovyUnicyclist Discord Moderator
BalancedWaffle Community Workshop Games Founder
JetFox Rocket Host Plugin, Map Hosting
ghostrider-05 RocketLeagueMapmaking.com