# Roadmap

# Trello

Visit the GitHub project (opens new window) or Trello board (opens new window) to see upcoming features and plans for the website and Discord server.

# Upcoming Content

  • Moving Volumes
  • Extra Modes
  • Designing Textures
  • Map Geometry Modeling
  • YouTube Tutorials
  • Dedicated Twitch Stream

# Badges

Some content will be marked as beta with this badge: beta. This means it is not fully tested and might contain some incorrect information. If you discover an improvement, don't hesitate to share it!

Some content may also be marked as not finished with this badge: not finished. This means that the section is not yet finished, but will eventually be written.

# Bounty Board

These are some of the great unsolved mysteries of Rocket League Mapmaking. Contact us if you think you have cracked one of these mysteries:

  • Non-kismet code
  • Unlimited map size (in multiplayer)
  • Truly custom materials (not MIC)
  • Custom (background) music / sounds (in-game)
  • Non-braindead bots

Have you discovered a confounding new mystery? Let us know and we'll add it here.