# Decrypt packages

When you want to extract assets or other content from a .upk package, the package will probably be decrypted. You can decrypt Rocket League .upk files with the RLUPKTool (opens new window). It is not recommended to use the {CookedPCConsole} folder as the folder with decrypted .upk files, instead you should copy the files you want to decrypt to a separate folder which will be referenced as {EncyptedMaps}.


In order to decrypt the .upk file you need to have the AES key of the package listed in keys.txt

To quickly decrypt multiple .upk packages you can create a new bat script:

set InFolder="{EncryptedMaps}"
set OutFolder="{DecryptedMaps}"

RLUPKTool -f %InFolder% -o %OutFolder%

This will add the .upk files to another to a folder which will be referenced as {DecryptedMaps}. Note that the in and out folder are folders you have to add yourself.

# Dummy assets

To use a decrypted map in UDK you will probably need a dummy package, which can be easily created with the AssetExtraction tool. To quickly create dummy assets you can create another bat script (or even combine them):

set DecryptedMapsPath="{DecryptedMaps}"
set DummyOutputPath="{UDK Folder}\\UDKGame\\Content\\DummyAssets\\"

AssetExtraction --nopreload --dummy -f %DecryptedMapsPath% --dummyFolder %DummyOutputPath% -g *.upk

If you want to update all of your dummy assets you can use the DummyExtract.bat (opens new window) script