# Decryption

Decrypting assets from the game is great for discovering new techniques or cleaning up old data, but please remember these words from earlier in the guide:

Rocket League mapmaking techniques cannot be used to give you a competitive advantage in the game, and any attempts at that are directly against the EULA. Please play nice and play by the rules, and you have nothing to fear.


uMod is outdated and it doesn't work anymore since the DX11 update. It was used for extracting textures and applying them in-game. You can use the Alphaconsole plugin for bakkesmod and uModel now to replace uMod.

ItsBrank has created a mini-modding guide (opens new window) which includes converting Rocket League sounds and exporting UPK files.

# Ripped assets

ItsBrank has created a repository (opens new window) which includes raw assets, including graphic effects, map images, music effects, sound effects and voice overs, intended to be used for editing and modding. If you are only looking for the assets this will probably be the resource you need.

# Getting started

To get started with decrypting the assets, you will need some tools. Each tool has a different focus to extract a certain type of asset. They can be installed in the Map making or in the Rocket League mods discord server with the RLAESKeyBot bot (use !help for all the commands).

# Logs

As you will probably break something in UDK (or Rocket League) the logs might help you with figuring out the reason of the crash. The logs are located in:

  • {UDK Folder}/UDKGame/Logs/ for UDK
  • /documents/My Games/Rocket League/TAGame/Logs/ for Rocket League

Additionally, you will find .dmp files in the logs folder which you send to BakkesBot with the .dmp command to view the content of that file