# Multiplayer

# Testing Multiplayer

Almost every mapmaker has run facefirst into major issues when testing a map meant for multiple players. For better testing, if possible, you should not be the host, as many bugs only occur for other players.

To test it in multiplayer you can either:

  • Publish your map to the steam workshop with "visibility" set to 1 (only friends) or 2 (only you)
  • Share your map file directly with the people you want to test it and use a map swapper to play the map

# Multiplayer Limitations not finished

  • There's a limit on your map size in multiplayer. The limit is around 40_000 uu.
  • Kismet data is not shared across clients without some tricks. More information about how to make sure your Kismet works in multiplayer can be found in the Advanced Kismet section.