# Community Tools

# Bakkesmod Plugins

# Bibliothèque d'Alexandrie

The library allows you to see the map's content and find the name of what you want to get. You can then report the name into UDK to find the material you're looking for in the right package!

# Blender to UDK plugin

By LeeroyJenkinsOG and Mr. Swaggles

Export objects, locations and more from Blender into UDK. For a list of supported items and all features visit the GitHub page

# Kismet library

A place for useful kismet snippets to copy and paste into your project

# Local Gravity Assistant

By DoktorBotti

DoktorBotti has created an awesome tool for making complex gravity situations with a tutorial (opens new window) on how to make your own gravity fields. If you want to know how it works, you can take a look at the source code (opens new window).

# UDKObjectGenerator

By MrPhil

The UDK Object Generator allows to generate objects from a map file in a text format. This text can be pasted directly into UDK as long as you have the dummy assets.

# UPK Browser

By Martinn

A tool made to simplify the process of finding the correct dummy assets by browsing the assets in the game. Some features are changing materials, load / spawn objects/FXActors and more.