# Advanced Kismet

# Multiplayer

# Netcode plugin

The Netcode Plugin (opens new window) by CinderBlock allows for two-way communication between hosts and clients. This is extremely powerful, and we have only scratched the surface of what it can do. Look forward to more information in the future as the community learns more about it.

# Bakkesmod

The Map expansion Plugin (opens new window) by Blaku allows maps to use almost any function in Bakkesmod using kismet. For more details on how to configure the kismet side of this plugin, check out the homepage of the plugin.

# Scaling in big projects

Some tips for handling large kismet files:

  • rename sequences to an abbreviation of the name. If a lot of objects are added to the sequence, the sequence name will be in every node and this will quickly increase the file size. You can add a comment to the sequence itself to remember what it stands for.

# Programming

If you want to use kismet, but don't want to use the graphical interface in UDK you can also program kismet text to copy into UDK. The following community libraries are:

# Kismet Library

I encourage you to ask for help in Discord, or even to reach out to people who have made maps that have features you want to either copy or improve upon. As always, give people credit if you borrow their hard work.

This guide will be updated to include much more information about Kismet in the future as the community and I continue to learn how to use it. Browse the Kismet Snippet Library (opens new window) for some helpful pieces of code, and be sure to share your own if you invent something worthwhile.

It’s a difficult task to collect all of the Kismet knowledge from hundreds of maps and thousands of Discord comments, so please be patient πŸ˜ƒ