# Mapmaking Essentials

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# Getting Started

This is not going to be easy, but it will be rewarding if you see it through. I believe in you.

Naming portions of this website is tricky since, truly, most of the content is essential to creating a fun map. However, this portion contains all of the UDK setup information, which is the only thing that is truly required to create maps.


Please make sure that everything in this section has been completed before venturing into the rest of the guide!

Join the Rocket League Mapmaking Discord Server (opens new window) to chat with the community!

# Epic Games

Custom maps can be made with the Epic Games Launcher version of Rocket League, with only slight differences. For example, the file paths for various tools may change. The process of publishing a map is the only notable difference.

# Feedback

The whole website can be found on GitHub (opens new window) and we ❤️ improvements and corrections (or drop a message in the Discord server with some feedback). If you want to report incorrect documentation, please open an issue on our issue tracker (opens new window)